Quality research and development innovation

Founded in 1968, SIRE is based in Italy, Gissi (Chieti), wonderful Abruzzo region. Today it is one of the most important Italian manufacturers of paints and varnishes.
SIRE is a modern company that is distinguished by their professional ethics, management, creativity, research and development, innova-tion and sustainability, with a precise development philosophy based on the continual search for innovative materials, technologies and processes capable of increasing the production performances and providing the most suitable solu-tions to every application require-ment. SIRE offer excellent solutions in a total quality management, safety and respect of the enviroment: these are the objectives that guide the company towards growth and innovation.


Imagine the world of painting products before the others so to be in the market an important supplier of paint solutions in the segments building, industry, marine, waterproofing, decorative paintings.


Offer the best product according to the market demand and develop different products that meet the particular needs of specific sectors. To balance aesthetic and functional aspects, propose universal solutions as well as products for niche.


Commitment, Sustainability, Innovation, Success, Partnership.