Consistency, transparency and respect guide every decision and behaviour, in a context of trust and fairness towards all collaborators. We reward passion, intellectual curiosity, healthy competitive spirit, the capacity to work in a team, all essential components for developing our business culture.


We operate in respect of the environment and the safety of people, aware of our social and ethical responsibilities towards the community. In short: working today for tomorrow.


We constantly focus on innovation, on creating products and services of superior quality that are perceived on the market as distin-ctive and unique. SIREs innovative dynamics are not only engaged during the product design, but also in other phases, such as the management of the production process, distribution and positioning of the finished product.


We strive for success through positive market dynamics, added value and a vocation
for internationalisation. We consider profits not only as an important indicator of a company’s health, but also as a fundamental element for creating future development and wellbeing, which keeps us autonomous, reliable and credible towards suppliers and customers. We are an Italian company, we have always viewed the domestic market in the same way as the foreign market, aware that Italian creativity and aesthetic sensitivity are distinguishing traits known and appreciated worldwide.