Know-how transfer


Chemicals formulas, quality control standard methodology, manufacturing processes methodology for all types of Paint & Varnishes.

Modernization and Automation Machinery and Plants

Modernization and automation solutions of plant, machinery and production departments already existing and operational assistance to start-up in Partnership with leading Italian company in the world of engineering expertise in chemical plant paints and varnishes.

Creation Projects and Development Paint Plant

Realization of complete projects of installation and testing of production plant paints in Parner-ship with Italian companies leader in machinery and equipment, engeneering and in-plant tinting

Evolved Tinting System Projects

We plan and develop the latest generation tinting systems that give technological solutions, innovative, environmentally friendly and economical in the final cost of the colored product. Colorants: VOC free colorants for universal and water base applications; with a VOC content of typically <1 g/l the colorants comply with the latest, strict environmental requirements. The colorants are highly concentrated with an excellent color strength. Advantages for your tinting system are:
– Minimal impact on paint properties such as gloss, drying time and hardness due to low colorant addition.
– Cost-efficient color formulations.
– Improved opacity.
Know-how Product bases: through a balancing technology we develop chemical max n. 3 bases for product from which we get endless color options.


Our participation in new or existing foreign companies with exclusive contribution of our complete know-how in any Paints and Varnishes Business.