Coccio Pesto

Elegant interpretation of stucco veneziano with random brick-red veins

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Product Description

An elegant interpretation of Stucco Veneziano, Coccio Pesto look is highli-ghted by attractive, random brick-red veins. It is obtained from Stucco Veneziano with the addition of Coccio Pesto powder in the finishing coat.

Its application cycle is the ollowing:
– one coat of primer Fond Fine;      
– two coats of Stucco Veneziano;
– one coat of Stucco Veneziano with Coccio Pesto additive;
– one topcoat Cera Naturale.

COCCIO PESTO is available in color 01 Natural
White and can be tinted:
– with futura Edmix tinting system  (16 colorants);
– manually with 16 toner.

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